1 – Research your top three college or university preferences.

1 – Research your top three college or university preferences. Make a table with your three colleges in the left column and chart the amount of credit hours you would be eligible for if you achieved qualifying test scores and graduated with the IB Diploma. Then, research the cost per credit hour at each college/university and add that data to the chart. Calculate the total cost based on the amount of credit hours and add those figures to the chart. Label the chart accordingly and highlight the maximum amount of money you would be able to save in college tuition if you earned the IB Diploma. 

2 – Based on your chart from last week and the figures you calculated for tuition savings if you earned the IB Diploma, discuss how earning the IB Diploma would benefit you and your parent(s).

3 – By being in this course I assume you have decided to strive for the IB Diploma. I also assume you will do the best to achieve the IB Diploma. Explain why you chose to be in the DP program.

4 – Identify one college/university, from your chart you created in week 1 of this cycle, as your top pick/preference. Demonstrate why you have identified that college/university.

5 – Recommend a suitable plan of action for you and your peers to succeed in this course by earning qualifying test scores on the Internal Assessment and External Assessment.

6 – Justify the reasons for your recommendation from last week.

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