Assume that two US. Treasury securities were purchased at par {51(100} In yIur selected date ve years ago: 1] a l~year Tnote and 2} a 20year T boncl….

Assume that two U.S. Treasury securities were purchased at par ($1000) on your selected date five years ago: 1) a 10-year T-note and 2) a 20-year T-bond. Also assume that for each of the two securities the reported nominal rate that you found above was the coupon rate at issuance.

Assuming semi-annual coupon payments, calculate the value of each bond today after 5 years based on the current 5-year Treasury constant maturity nominal rate for the original 10-year note and a current 15-year rate (assume it is the average of the current Treasury constant maturity nominal 10- and 20-year rates) for the original 20-year bond at

a)    Complete the following tables (see example below):

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