BSBADM405 – Organise meetings http://chilp.

BSBADM405 – Organise meetings

Read all the information from these sources above and after respond to the following exercises below:

1.   Prepare a checklist of tasks that need to be completed prior to the meeting taking place. Include the following in your checklist:

·        Arrangements that need to be made, including accommodation and catering

·        The dates for when the notice and agenda need to be sent and how you will send them

·        Time lines for when meeting documentation needs to be submitted to you and distributed to attendees

·        Time lines for completing each task

·        Individual participant requirements

·        Any organisational procedures you must follow when making the meeting arrangements (refer to your organisation’s meeting procedures for how meetings are to be conducted)

·        Any other tasks that need to be completed

2.   Prepare a draft meeting notice addressed to attendees. In a separate document , explain:

a)   The process for advising attendees accordingly

b)  The main objective for organising the meeting

3.   Prepare a full agenda for the meeting using your organisation’s meeting agenda template. Your agenda should include:

·        Details of the meeting

·        Names of all the attendees and their presentation items

·        A list of the documents that need to be submitted by the various attendees.

4.   Access the meeting or access a record of the meeting outcome:

a)   Produce minutes, using your organisation’s meeting minutes template, that reflect a true and accurate account of the meeting.

b)  Calculate the time frame allowed after the meeting to produce and dispatch the minutes under company policy.

5.   Compare the details of your pre-meeting documentation with the meeting minutes. Identify any inconsistences and correct them. Record any corrections at the bottom of your meeting minutes.

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