english 122 academic writing 1

Argument Essay


Write your Argument Essay a 1000-word response to Activity #5. In doing so, consider the Saint Leo University core values emphasized in this course, Excellence and Integrity. Incorporate into your discussion of a hero either core value, including your own definition and its relationship to the topic. 


5. What efforts should we to maintain wild animal populations?  In making his argument for the preservation of wolves in “Thinking Like a Mountain,” Aldo Leopold concludes with a reference to “Thoreau’s dictum: In wildness is the salvation of the world.” Two symbols of “wildness” Popularized by enviromental groups have been the wolf and the grizzly, species whose numbers were greatly diminished throughout the twentieth century.  Ongoing efforts to restore wolf populations in the lower forty-eight states have been highly controversial.  More recently, proposed experimental programs to restore grizzly populations in some wilderness areas in the westen mountain states have engendered an emotional debate.  Research the issue of wolf and/or grizzly habitat restoration effors.  Based on your research, take a position on the issue and defend it.