history 190

Please respond to ONE of the Ten forum questions. Please be advised that some of the questions might require you to go beyond the textbook readings.

1.)What caused the Sioux Uprising of 1862?

2.)What was the role of railroads in the settlement of the Great West? 

3.)What was the new Indian Reservation policy, and why was it a failure?

4.)What was the purpose of the Fort Laramie Treaty?

5.)What happened at the Wagon Box Fight of 1866?

6.)What led to the defeat of Lieutenant – General George Armstrong Custer’s column at the       Little Bighorn in 1876? 

7.)Why can the enactment of the Southern Black Codes in 1865 be considered a turning point in         the course of Reconstruction?

8.)To what extent was President Johnson responsible for the radicalization of the Republican      Party in 1866?

9.)Why did ex-slaves, struggling for freedom after emancipation, resist working for wages?

10.)Why did the ex-slaves’ struggle for land result in the sharecropping system?