i need paragraph about 150 words following topic paragraph should begin topic sentence state

Write a paragraph about one of the following processes. For this assignment, many of the topics are so broad thst entire books have been written about them. A big part of your task, then, will be to narrow the topic down enough so that it can be covered in one paragraph. Then you’ll have to invent your own steps for the process. In addition, you’ll need to make decisions about how many steps to include and the order in which to present them. I leave several issues here for you choose one, please help me to put title, oh an remember to use transition words in paragraph. 

  -How to encourage someone’s forgiveness

  -How to gather information on a company in preparation for a job interview

  -How to get along with a professor

  -How to improve a course you have taken

  -How to improve the place where you work

  -How to make someone happy

  -How to procrastinate

  -How to get over a broken relationship

  -How to show appreciation to others