Imagine that you are a financial advisor for Netflix, Inc., and, Inc.

Imagine that you are a financial advisor for Netflix, Inc., and, Inc. You are tasked with creating a comprehensive forecast of the revenue, costs, and cash flows of these companies, answering key questions that may influence their future decisions.

To prepare for this Assignment, use the Netflix and Amazon Data Spreadsheet, located in this week’s Learning Resources, to generate a pro forma forecast and consider what this indicates about the future for these two companies.

In a 1- to 2-page paper, provide the following:

  • A forecast of Netflix, Inc., and, Inc.’s revenue, costs, and estimated cash flows into the next five years.
  • The appropriate discount rate for Netflix, Inc., and, Inc.’s forecasted cash flows.
  • An appropriate risk-adjusted rate of return for use in evaluating an investment in Netflix, Inc., and, Inc. 
  • A determination of the estimated fair market value of 100% of Netflix, Inc., and, Inc.’s equity.

So the questions are

1-this teacher is looking for a written out answer so it seems that the proforma is not a written out text document, would you agree?

2-My wife was describing how to find the answers and I told her that they want raw data for the 1-2 page paper, would you agree?

3- Is there a way to answer this by ten tonight because this is the last assignment of the last class in this segment and it is due.