innovation paper 0

In this assignment, you are to focus on the same IT organization that you chose for your Unit 2 assignment (Apple) and prepare a 4 page paper (not including cover page and reference pages) that focuses on the following:

  • A short (reminder) description and background of the IT organization (Apple).
  • The definition of their innovation style of the IT organization.
  • An analysis and synthesis of the various innovation theories that link to their respective product or service growth and development.
  • A clear linkage to their product or service growth and development.
  • Your comments and recommendations on what you think that organization could do to improve their innovation styles.

Please make sure your paper follows APA formatting and that you have a minimum of 4–5 citations or references within your document. The assignment is due at the end of Unit 6.

Refer to the Innovation Paper Scoring Guide so you know how you will be graded. Refer to the APA Style and Format guide for help.