long essay 4 parts

The long essay would be a traditional essay that is typically five paragraphs long. The first paragraph should introduce the topic and state the student’s position / answer to the question. It should contain between three-five (3-5) complete sentences, including the thesis statement for the essay. The second, third, and fourth paragraphs are the body paragraphs. Each body paragraph should contain between three-five (3-5) sentences, including the topic sentence (first sentence of the body paragraph, states a main point that supports the thesis) and at least two-three (2-3) specific examples per main point. The fifth and final paragraph should begin with a restatement of the thesis. It should be three-five (3-5) complete sentences, and include a brief summary/conclusion of the student’s answer to the essay question.



Question 1 of 4

How did some urban housing reforms of the late nineteenth century eventually add to urban blight?


Question 2 of 4        

How did popular culture—whether in the form of best-selling novels, games, films, or radio programs—reflect and respond to the ravages of the Great Depression?


Question 3 of 4

Compare the quality of life in the suburbs with the quality of life either on farms or in cities.


Question 4 of 4


Describe the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade; then defend or criticize it.

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