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Hi Guys, How are you?

I have a subject called Business communication and I´ve already done my first essay about the topic below -Communicating Companywide employee recognition. As I´m a pool lifeguard and volunteer life save there is no better option to talk about my area.

I must do now a proposal with the text must have the context and background.

Why the organisation should implement the communicate strategy?

Best practice? Dangers and disadvantages of communicate strategy? How to avoid this dangers?

My first essay I attached below. Could You guys Helped me to do the proposal based on the questions on top! It’s a excellent topic but I want to make clear and objective.

I choose I real organisation Im comparing the surf lifesaving with royal life saving .

Retrieved from http://www.surflifesaving.com.au/news/community-honours-for-surf-lifesavers-

Retrieved from http://www.surflifesaving.com.au/members/recognition

This is royal lifesavings https://www.royallifesaving.com.au/

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