ms excel assignment create professional memo ceo microsoft word 2 3paragraphs

Steps #1 & #2 are finished.  Just need step #3 done (based on the attached spreadsheets)

#3.Create a professional memo to the CEO in Microsoft Word, making sure you cover the following:

◦Manager Summary Pivot Table

◦Head Count Pie Chart

◦Brief Summary of the Organization and of the Report


1.      Create the Heading


Memo To:  Gil Joubert, CEO


Date:          August 3, 2013

Re:             Heads and Salary by Managers


2.      Write the Body


Ø  Introduction– this should be a short paragraph of 2-3 sentences that let people know the reason for the memo.

Ø  Purpose– This is the meat of the message, using key points, highlights, and/or background information.  It may include supporting details, like facts, statistics, as well as examples and reasons for the memo.

Ø  Conclusion– It reiterates the timely news included in the memo.


3.      Finalize document– Proof-read carefully!

ü  Audience appropriate

ü  Concise

ü  Coherent

ü  Readability

ü  Terminology

ü  Factual Tone

ü  Appearance





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