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Start-up and emerging nonprofit organizations, with little or no discretionary funds and grant-writing experience, must decide whether to educate existing staff in proposal preparation or recruit volunteers. Fortunately, free Internet sources are available for novice grant writers. Using the Internet, research and identify at least three grant-writing tutorials.

  1. Define which tips you have learned outside the course textbook and lectures.
  2. What additional suggestions might you offer?

Contributions are the principal financial resource for many nonprofit organizations. However, a nonprofit organization can receive contributions attached with a wide range of restrictions.

  1. Evaluate and explain what potential pitfalls are associated with restricted gifts.
  2. Discuss why or why not you would prefer restricted gifts, if you were an executive of a nonprofit organization.

There are significant limitations on the extent to which the government can regulate fundraising for charitable organizations.

  1. What according to you are the most important regulatory requirements, at the federal and state levels, for charitable contributions? Use the Internet to locate and evaluate government regulatory sites to research and identify at least four requirements.
  2. Analyze and explain any positive or negative incidents with respect to these regulations.