Obras, Inc.

Obras, Inc.Comparative Income StatementsFor the Years Ended December 31, 20×9 and 20x8Net salesCost of goods soldGross marginOperating expensesOperating incomeInterest expenseIncome before income taxesIncome taxes expenseNet incomeEarnings per share20x9$360,000224,000$136,00080,000$ 56,00014,000$ 42,00014,000$ 28,00020×8$290,000176,000$114,00060,000$ 54,00010,000$ 44,00016,000$ 28,0002.80 2.80Obras, Inc.Comparative Balance SheetsDecember 31, 20×9 and 20x8AssetsCurrent assetsProperty, plant, and equipment (net)Total assets20x9$ 48,000260,00020×8$ 40,000200,000$308,000 $240,000Liabilities and Stockholders’ EquityCurrent liabilities $ 36,000 $ 44,000Long-term liabilities 180,000 120,000Stockholders’ equity 92,000 76,000Total liabilities and stockholders’ equity $308,000 $240,000How do I figure out the operating expense?

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