Overview: Examine the role of a person you know, or who you can contact, who you believe is an effective leader.


Examine the role of a person you know, or who you can contact, who you believe is an effective leader. This can be anyone- your boss, a teacher/professor, someone who runs a community agency, someone who does what you ultimately want to do with your life, someone who inspires you, a parent, etc. The possibilities are endless. ☺ write a 300-400 words paper

PART 1: Provide a description of the person and organization or group he/she leads.

Be sure to include a brief biographical background of the person, a description of the organization and/or group of individuals he/she leads, and any other relevant details. Make sure that this is someone that you will be able to interview!

PART 2: Conduct an interview with your selected leader about a particular topic in leadership that you wish to learn more about or improve in yourself. You will be asking at least 5 questions that will help you gain an understanding of and analyze their leadership abilities in that specific area. For example, some areas that you may wish to develop a line of inquiry about include, but are not limited to: 

  • Improving your collaboration skills 
  • Improving your ability to delegate or your ability to manage a project
  • Improving your public speaking skills
  • Finding ways to motivate others
  • Improving your ability to provide constructive criticism/feedback
  • Advancing as a professional woman 

You may select questions from the examples below, modify the questions below to fit your needs, and/or develop your own questions to ask the leader you have selected. When conducting your analysis of your leader, you will need to incorporate at least 3 concepts from class, so be mindful of this when you are developing your interview questions. 

Helpful Hint: You may wish to record your interview with your selected leader (after obtaining their permission to do so), so that you can pay attention to their responses and ask follow-up questions if necessary. You can then play back the recording and summarize their answers. 

Possible questions to ask in your interviewee:

  • How would you describe your leadership style? 
  • What factors do you consider in making important decisions, and who do you involve in the process?
  • Describe your group members and their level of involvement. 
  • How do you motivate others?
  • How would you describe your least preferred coworker?
  • Describe a situation that was difficult to handle and how you approached and handled the situation.
  • How do you handle coworkers who are difficult to manage?
  • Does your leadership style vary based on different situations, and if so, how? 
  • How do you communicate with group members?
  • Describe an example of a unique experience you have had while in a position of leadership.
  • Do you have any fears in your leadership of your organization, and how do you overcome them?
  • Do you ascribe to a certain leadership model or theory?
  • What is your experience with diversity in your role as a leader?
  • What personality traits do you possess that make you en effective leader, and which personality traits do you possess that may hinder your leadership abilities?

PART 3: Formulate an analytical overview of the leader and the leadership topic that you selected. Be sure to discuss what your topic of interest is, your interview questions and answers, address at least 3 concepts that were covered throughout the course of the class (and apply the concepts to the leader that you selected), and provide a reflection of your experience.

The case study is about one lady by the name of Christine who is a family friend. Christine issuch an inspiring woman who demonstrates more courage and resilience in life than manywomen would do….