poem cid written down around 1200 looks back life rodrigo diaz de vivar el

The Poem of the Cid (written down around 1200) looks back at the life of Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar (El Cid) and his exploits beginning around 1090. It thus provides insights into the system of local patronage (lords and vassals), which characterized much of the period 800-1000. It also provides a complex picture of relations between Christians and Muslims in the borderlands during a time when the Christian Church is regaining power and the Crusades and Reconquista are taking place (1050-1200). What kind of values, relationships and lifestyle did the author of The Poem of the Cid see as praiseworthy? Why did looking back to an earlier time period offer a vision of life that was more appealing, perhaps, than life in 13th century Europe? Answer these questions together in a well-integrated well-written paper. Use the textbook to describe changes going on in Europe between 1000 and 1250. (Chapters 8 and 9) Consider examining the following themes: warfare, religion, economy, politics, law and justice, gender relations, etc. Format The paper should be 3-4 pages in length, double-spaced, 12pt. font, 1 inch margins. The paper should have an introduction and a conclusion. There should be a thesis statement in the introduction. The thesis statement is the sentence that explains the paper’s focus. In this case, the thesis statement should be a brief answer to the question that also tells the reader what the rest of the paper will be about. When using quotations, and there should be some, be sure to include the page and/or line number of the poem. Just put them in parentheses at the end of the sentence. Example. (Poem of the Cid, page 22)