Problem 7-2A Manufacturing: Cash budget LO P2 [T he foiiowing information appiies to the questions displayed beiom] Built-Tight is preparing its…

Budgeted sales and cash payments for product costs for the quarter follow:

 JulyAugustSeptemberBudgeted sales$61,500 $77,500 $50,500 Budgeted cash payments for       

Direct materials 16,660  13,940  14,260 Direct labor 4,540  3,860  3,940 Factory overhead 20,700  17,300  17,700  

Sales are 25% cash and 75% on credit. All credit sales are collected in the month following the sale. The June 30 balance sheet includes balances of $15,000 in cash; $45,500 in accounts receivable; $5,000 in accounts payable; and a $5,500 balance in loans payable. A minimum cash balance of $15,000 is required. Loans are obtained at the end of any month when a cash shortage occurs. Interest is 1% per month based on the beginning-of-the-month loan balance and is paid at each month-end. If an excess balance of cash exists, loans are repaid at the end of the month. Operating expenses are paid in the month incurred and consist of sales commissions (10% of sales), office salaries ($4,500 per month), and rent ($7,000 per month).

Needed: 7-2A Part 1 & 7-2A Part 2

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