Question: A Factory Is Considering Installing Installed Cost Is $240,000 And Will Generate New Product Worth S120,000 Per Year In Extra Revenue And Cost $18,000 Per Year To Run. The Discount Rate Is 13%, The Item Will Be Depreciated Over Its Life Of 4 Years And The Company Tax Rate Is 30%, Paid In Arrears (the Following Year) Scrap Value At Projects End Is $10,000- …


Get college assignment help at uniessay writers A factory is considering installing installed cost is $240,000 and will generate new product worth S120,000 per year in extra revenue and cost $18,000 per year to run. The discount rate is 13%, the item will be depreciated over its life of 4 years and the company tax rate is 30%, paid in arrears (the following year) Scrap value at projects end is $10,000- its value is obtained in year 4 a new reactor that will permit increased production rate. The Set up a Discounted Cash Flow analysis table for four years. Assume capital outlay (only) occurs year 0. For each year (a) Calculate the cash flow before tax and the annual depreciation of the heat exchanger (1 mark) (b) Calculate the profit before tax and the tax paid. (1 mark) (c) Calculate the profit after tax and the cash flow after tax. (1 mark) (d) Calculate the discount factor for each year. (1 mark) (e) What is the outstanding tax liability at the end of year 4? (1 marks) (f) Calculated the discounted cash flow for each year and determine the project’s Net Present Value after 5 years. (2 marks) (g) Provide an estimate for the Internal Rate of Return for the project using three iterations for the Discounted Cash Flow analysis (3 marks)

Question: A C E H J K A Glass Factory Specializing In Crystal Is Experiencing A Substantial Backlog, And The Firm’s Management Is Considering Three Courses Of Action: A, B, Or C $4,885 To Set Up New Contract) $9,172 (additional Operating Costs Per Year) 2 Arrange For Subcontracting A B. Construct New Facilities Do Nothing (no Change) C There Are Three Demand …

A C E H J K A glass factory specializing in crystal is experiencing a substantial backlog, and the firm’s management is considering three courses of action: a, b, or c $4,885 to set up new contract) $9,172 (additional operating costs per year) 2 Arrange for subcontracting a b. Construct new facilities Do nothing (no change) C There are three demand possibilities: 5 probability 0.157 7 Low Medium 0.484 High 0.359 10 The payoffs Probabilities 11 Gross Income Courses of Action low demand Med demand High Demand 12 a 12,636.93 $ 44,772.91 $ 13 72,633.90 $ 138,214.14 $ 104,100.32 b 21,233.23 $ 14 28,512.14 c $ 17,861.93 $ 54,558.79 16 Correctly complete the decision tree using excel and do all calculations to provide the best EMV 15 17

Question: Q4 The Network Diagram Of A Project Is Shown Below E.4 B.3 G.5 D.5 A.7 F.2 C.4 (a) Use Two-pass Method To Determine The Critical Path. (3 Points) (b) What Is The Project Duration? ( Points) (c) What Is The Slack Time Of Activity F? ( Points)

Q4 The network diagram of a project is shown below E.4 B.3 G.5 D.5 A.7 F.2 C.4 (a) Use two-pass method to determine the critical path. (3 points) (b) What is the project duration? ( points) (c) What is the slack time of activity F? ( points)

Question: List And Explain The Two Kind Of Variations In SPC (4 Points) а. B. What Is Meant By “an Out Of Control Process On A Control Chart”? (2 Point)

List and explain the two kind of variations in SPC (4 points) а. b. What is meant by “an out of control process on a control chart”? (2 point)

Question: When Typing Cell References In Formulas, It Is Not Necessary To Use Uppercase Letters. For Example, Either -b6 b7 Or =B6 B7 Will Work Fine. True 3False

When typing cell references in formulas, it is not necessary to use uppercase letters. For example, either -b6 b7 or =B6 B7 will work fine. True 3False

Question: The Default Width Of A Data Column In Excel 2016 Is 64 Pixels. True False

The default width of a data column in Excel 2016 is 64 pixels. True False

Question: Formal Business MEMOS Should Be Written In The First Person Form And The “I” Word Is Fine To Use. True False

Formal business MEMOS should be written in the first person form and the “I” word is fine to use. True False

Question: Column Headings After Column Z Use Two Letters Starting With AA, AB, And So On Through ZZ. True False

Column headings after column Z use two letters starting with AA, AB, and so on through ZZ. True False

Question: Emails Are Replacing The Internal MEMO And Are Becoming Much More Common. True False

Emails are replacing the internal MEMO and are becoming much more common. True False

Question: Please Be Specific About What Information Is Missing? This Is What The Book Presented, Then It Goes Onto The Next Question. Figure Is Included Right After It Is Mentioned. So I’m Not Sure What You Think Is Missing.

Problems ssembly. 1. Shown in Figure 16.12 is the BOM for a large An MRP system is used to schedule each step. For motor units and the lead time is one 110 units in stock. The MRP record for the motor assembly is as motor asS assemblies the lot size is 100 are currently assembled. There follows: are week. Eighty motors/wk Week 5 4 3 2 0 80 80 80 80 80 Gross requirement (GR) Scheduled receipts (SR) 90 70 50 30 110 110 On hand (OH) 10 30 Net requirement (NR) Planned order release (POR) 100 100 100 Motor assembly Housing with hole Motor frame Motor Housing Shell Brace Figure 16.12 MRP Record and BOM Product Structure Diagram for Motor Assembly. R TO Assembly of the housing and drilling of the hole in the housing are done in two separate areas of the plant. The final motor brace and shell assembly, drilling the hole, and final assembly of finished motors all be done in a single workcell. What would the BOM reflecting this change look like? b. Assuming now lot-for-lot production and lead time of 0, what would the aforementioned MRP record look like? Use the same tabular format. If the motor housing with hole were phantomed, where in the BOM would the phantom be located? What would the MRP record for the brace look like? Assumea lot size of 30, on hand inventory of 80, and lead time of one week. assembly is done in a third area. It is proposed that the a. C.

Question: Ro0, And Lead Time Of One Week. 2. At Gornigs Corp., Pull Production With Visual Shop Floor Controls Is Being Implemented For Products, ARM And CARM. Figure 16.13 Shows The BOMS For The Products Under The Existing Push Production System: Assuming Both Products Will Be Produced Repetitively With Short CTs, Explain How The Material Should Be Tracked Through …

Get college assignment help at uniessay writers ro0, and lead time of one week. 2. At Gornigs Corp., pull production with visual shop floor controls is being implemented for products, ARM and CARM. Figure 16.13 shows the BOMS for the products under the existing push production system: Assuming both products will be produced repetitively with short CTs, explain how the material should be tracked through the system. b. Reduce the BOMS to two a. reflect the tracking system you proposed in (a). c. For spare parts, the DL component in the ARM product the amount must be produced in excess of required for ARM. Describe how this should be handled by the material tracking system and what effect it would have on the BOM you created for ARM in part (b).

Question: 1. A Manufacturer Negotiates With A Nearby Supplier To Deliver Parts Twice A Day. The Round Trip Travel Time Between The Manufacturer And Supplier Is About 1.5 Days. The Supplier Needs Day To Fill Any Order. The Manufacturer Size Is 50 Units. Del H What Number Of S-kanbans For The Part Is Needed? B. At Any Given Time, How Many Of These Containers Are …

1. A manufacturer negotiates with a nearby supplier to deliver parts twice a day. The round trip travel time between the manufacturer and supplier is about 1.5 days. The supplier needs day to fill any order. The manufacturer size is 50 units. del h What number of S-kanbans for the part is needed? b. At any given time, how many of these containers are at the customer, at the supplier, and en route between them? one uses 600 units of the part per day, and the container a. three, four, c. In general, as the round-trip days, so does the required number of kanbans. At any given time, where are these mer-supplier travel time increases to or custom more additional kanbans?

Question: Additional Kanbans? 2.A Supplier Makes Daily Deliveries To Three Customers, Similar To The Case Illustrated In Figure 17.7a. Assume Travel Time For Each Leg Of The Route Is One The Supplier Takes One Hour; Unloading Time At Each Customer Is One Hour. With One And One Driver, One Delivery A Day To The Three Customers Is Possible In An Figure 17.15. If …

additional kanbans? 2.A supplier makes daily deliveries to three customers, similar to the case illustrated in Figure 17.7a. Assume travel time for each leg of the route is one the supplier takes one hour; unloading time at each customer is one hour. With one and one driver, one delivery a day to the three customers is possible in an Figure 17.15. If every customer wants two driver switches trucks at every stop, analogous process has been standardized. Draw a diagram like the standard operations routine (SOR) diagram described in Chapter 11, Standard Work, (e.g., Figure 11.8) to illustrate the process. (The four stops along the route are driver does not have to wait for trucks to be loaded or unloaded, so the load and unload times are analogous to automatic machine times.) b. Assume two drivers: Each morning one reports to the supplier, the other to customer 2. With six trucks, how many deliveries a day eight hours? Draw an SOR diagram. What happens with five trucks? C. For part b and six trucks., what is the maximum load and unload time at a customer or supplier (without affecting the number of daily deliveries)? How does reducing the load and unload times to 30 minutes affect the number of daily deliveries? hour; loading the truck at truck eight-hour day. See daily deliveries, how many trucks are needed? Assume one to the example in Figure 17.8, and the a. s to workstations in a cell. The analogous they make to the three customers in can

Question: You Have 90 Minutes To Complete The 30 Questions In The Exam. Plea To Auto-submit) Instructions This Test Has Atime Limit Of 1 Hourand 30 Mihutes Tiis Test Willl Save And Submit Auto Warn Ings Appear When Half The Time 5 Minutes, 1 Minute And 30 Seconds Remain Not Allowed. This Test Can Only Be Taken Once Timed Test Multiple Attempts Once Started, This …

You have 90 minutes to complete the 30 questions in the Exam. Plea to auto-submit) Instructions This test has atime limit of 1 hourand 30 mihutes Tiis test willl save and submit auto Warn ings appear when half the time 5 minutes, 1 minute and 30 seconds remain Not allowed. This test can only be taken once Timed Test Multiple Attempts Once started, this test must be completed in one sitting Do not leave the test before a Force Completion This test does not allow backtracking. Changes to the answer after submission are pro Remaining Time: 1 hour, 21 minutes, 19 seconds. Question Completion Status: AMoving to the next question prevents changes to this answer. Question 5 Pepsi’s advertising company recently produced a set of new commercials that it teste tively. These two commercials caused viewers in the focus groups to become pensiv- nostalgia A Moving to the next question prevents changes to this answer. 搜索的内容

Question: Part 1: Customer Service Evaluations 1. Complete 6 Customer Service Evaluations On Different Businesses Using The Forms Provided For You In Canvas. 1. Complete The (6) Service Evaluations Using Complete Sentence Responses 2. Analyze The 6 Customer Service Evaluations Based On Your Needs As A Customer SUBMIT: Upload All 6 Evaluations To Canvas Ll Verizon …

Part 1: Customer Service Evaluations 1. Complete 6 Customer Service Evaluations on different businesses using the forms provided for you in Canvas. 1. Complete the (6) service evaluations using complete sentence responses 2. Analyze the 6 customer service evaluations based on your needs as a customer SUBMIT: Upload all 6 evaluations to Canvas ll Verizon 12:23 PM 54%

Question: Part 2: Develop A Customer Service Survey Develop A Customer Service Survey That Is Appropriate For A Current Job That You Have, One That You Have Done Previously, Or One That You Hope To Do In The Future. Use The Following Links To Learn More About These Surveys. Some Of These Article Links Contain Conflicting Advice – Everyone Has Their Own Opinions, …

Part 2: Develop a Customer Service Survey Develop a Customer Service Survey that is appropriate for a current job that you have, one that you have done previously, or one that you hope to do in the future. Use the following links to learn more about these surveys. Some of these article links contain conflicting advice – everyone has their own opinions, and you get to have your own, too, as you create your survey. 1. How to Create a Customer Service Satisfaction Survey 2. How do I Create a Customer Service Survey? 3. Creating Survey Questions 4. SurveyMonkey This is a free on-line service that will help you set up surveys to be completed electronically. Even if you don’t use this, it’s a great resource to know about

Question: In Discussing The Regional Economy, We Talked About The Growing 8. Role Of International Production Networks In East Asia. What Are These Networks And How Might They Affect International Politics In The Region?在讨论区域经济时,我们谈到了国际生产网络在东亚日益发挥的作用。这些网 络是什么,它们将如何影响该地区的国际政治?。…

In discussing the regional economy, we talked about the growing 8. role of international production networks in East Asia. What are these networks and how might they affect international politics in the region?在讨论区域经济时,我们谈到了国际生产网络在东亚日益发挥的作用。这些网 络是什么,它们将如何影响该地区的国际政治?。 9. The Asia- Pacific has seen the rise of a number of new international institutions. including economic differ in both ones These membership and purpose. Outline some of the core features of the landscape of international institutions and why it might be changing.

Question: Green Initiative Research Projects You Are Working For An International Firm With Over 100, 000 Employees Located In Several Different Countries. A Strategic Goal Is To Help Improve The Environment While Increasing Revenues And Reducing Costs. The Environmental Technologies Program Just Started, And The VP Of Operations, Is The Program Sponsor. A Program …

Green Initiative Research Projects You are working for an international firm with over 100, 000 employees located in several different countries. A strategic goal is to help improve the environment while increasing revenues and reducing costs. The Environmental Technologies Program just started, and the VP of Operations, is the program sponsor. A program manager and a steering committee made up of ten senior executives are overseeing the program. There are several projects underneath this program, one being the Green Computing Research Project. The chief investment officer, and project sponsor, has given this project high priority and plans to hold special interviews to hand-pick the project manager and team. The project sponsor is also a member of the program steering committee. The main purpose of the Green Computing Research Project is to research possible applications of green computing including: Data centre and overall energy efficiency The disposal of electronic waste and recycling Telecommuting Virtualization of server resources Thin client solutions Use of open source software, and Development of new software to address green computing for internal use and potential sale to other organizations The budget for the project is R500, 000, and the goal is to provide an extensive report, including detailed financial analysis and recommendations on what green computing technologies to implement. 3. Create a work breakdown structure (WBS) for the project showing work to level 3 or 4 (as appropriate). The WBS should be based on the deliverables in the project charter. (10) 4. Develop an activity list showing activity dependencies based on the work packages from the WBS. Draw a network diagram for the activity list and determine the critical path activities. (10) 5. List all resources that will be needed for the project. Discuss the possible res might occur and ways to overcome such problems. ource scheduling problems that (10) 6. Based on the activity list, develop a cost estimate with sub-totals at each level and calculate the total estimated cost. Discuss the estimates and explain how costs are allocated. Thereafter discuss efforts made to save cost. (10)

Question: SECTION A Read The Case Study Below And Answer The Questions That Follow: (60) MOST OF YOUR LIFE IS SPENT WORKING-YOU OUGHT TO HAVE A GREAT TIME DOING IT Many Chief Executives Focus On Creating Shareholder Value And Devote Their Attention Primarily To Customers. Branson Believes That The Correct Pecking Order Is Employees First, Customers Next And Then …

SECTION A Read the case study below and answer the questions that follow: (60) MOST OF YOUR LIFE IS SPENT WORKING-YOU OUGHT TO HAVE A GREAT TIME DOING IT Many chief executives focus on creating shareholder value and devote their attention primarily to customers. Branson believes that the correct pecking order is employees first, customers next and then the shareholders. His logic is this: If your employees are happy, they will do a better job. If they do a better job, the customers will be happy and thus business will be good and the shareholders will be rewarded. Branson regularly takes entire flight crews out to dinner and parties when he arrives on a Virgin Atlantic flight. He even stays at the crew’s hotel rather than in expensive hotels away from the crew. He gives every Virgin employee a Virgin card, which provides big discounts on the airline as well as at Virgin Mega stores and other Virgin businesses. To illustrate, while on holiday on his private Caribbean is land, he brought 20 Virgin employees from the various group companies. These were operational employees and not senior executives and included a housekeeper, reservations clerk, a pilot to mention a few. They were invited as a result of excellent performance this is a regular perk for Virgin employees. As Branson notes “The idea is to have fun, but by talking to employees, you learn a lot as well.” He attends as many orientations for new staff as possible in order to set the tone and send the message: “Get out there and have a good time. Really enjoy yourself; because most of your life is spent working and you ought to have a great time doing it.” He is frequently on the road to visit Virgin businesses, talking with employees and customers. He is known for his ever-present notebook and pen, which he pulls out during these conversations. Branson insists that talking and writing down is a crucial element in his role as chairman. His writings create lists of items for immediate action. He reads mail from employees every morning before he does anything else. This habit, which he started in Virgin’s early days, influences company-employee dynamics even today. Employees do not hesitate to air their grievances directly with him. Branson has proved with his actions that he actively listens. Virgin has more than 15,000 employees around the world, and he gets some 50 e-mail messages every day from non-managerial employees. These vary from small ideas to frustrations with middle management to significant proposals. He addresses each concern by answering personally or by initiating employees come to me. I will give the employee the benefit of the doubt on most occasions.” some action. Branson states “instead of needing a union when they have a problem, The culture demands that people are given far more accountability and responsibility at an earlier age. The role of a more senior person is to help the more junior person, rather than instructing employees what to do task by task. The structure of all Virgin companies tends to be very flat so quite often there is no junior person at all. The Virgin group has always done things its own way emphasizing Virgin values, Virgin brand, Virgin spirit and Virgin people. They believe in making a difference in their customers’ eyes, Virgin stands for value for money, quality, innovation, fun and a sense of competitive challenge. They deliver a quality service by empowering their employees and by facilitating and monitoring customer feed back to experience through innovation. continually improve the customer’s “Virgin people are easy to identify. They act in unusual ways as it’s the only way they know how – but it’s not forced, it’s natural. They are honest, cheeky, questioning, amusing, confident, intelligent and prepared to take a risk-they are smart!” Virgin is a diverse organization so there are no set personality profiles for being a Virgin person. However, Virgin is a fast-moving environment so responsibility, scope to try new ideas and who they tend to recruit people who like to be given can cope with being thrown in at the deep-end. The Virgin philosophy on people management is: We know what kind of people we want and we work hard to recru it the best. We train them properly. We allow them freedom to be themselves. We trust them to ma ke the right decisions, and the odd mistalke is tolerated. We believe in karma -we’re loyal to them and they’re loyal to us. Branson states: “Loyalty means a lot to me. Working with people I know and trust makes me feel secure. I guess that’s why I prefer to promote from within. People who join Virgin know that there are plenty of opportunities to progress their career.” Adapted from the Virgin Group Home page at QUESTION 1 (20) With reference to the evidence in the case study, evaluate the type of behavioural management approach used by Branson: QUESTION 2 (20) Critically discuss the culture of the Virgin group. Your discussion must include the formation of organisational culture and its effect on the performance and satisfaction of employees. QUESTION 3 (20) This habit, which he started in “He reads mail from employees every morning before he does anything else. Virgin’s early days, influences company-employee dynamics even today.” Analyse and discuss Branson’s leadership style using relevant theory.

Question: QUESTION 4 Draw The Cash Flow Diagrams For The Following Cash Flows (4-4 4 4) (EOY) CF(A) CF(B) CF(B-A) -S100,000 -$100,000 So $10,000 Ss8,000 $40,000 2. $20,000 $40,000 $20,000 S0 3 $30,000 $30,000 520,000 $40,000 $20,000 -$40,000 S50,000 $10,000 S58,000 Sum $50,000 Which Would You Prefer, A Or B? Why? .1.

QUESTION 4 Draw the Cash Flow Diagrams for the following Cash Flows (4-4 4 4) (EOY) CF(A) CF(B) CF(B-A) -S100,000 -$100,000 so $10,000 ss8,000 $40,000 2. $20,000 $40,000 $20,000 s0 3 $30,000 $30,000 520,000 $40,000 $20,000 -$40,000 s50,000 $10,000 s58,000 Sum $50,000 Which would you prefer, A or B? Why? .1.

Question: Angel Tissue Operates A Factory Capable Of Producing 12 Million Boxes Of Tissue A Year, Which It Sells Wholesale For $0.60 Each. S’000s P.a Its Costs Are As Follows Company Cars Depreciation Electricity $20 $900 $300 $700 Gas Head Office Charges $300 $200 Insurance Maintenance $350 $400 Management Marketing Packaging Raw Materials (including Pulp) $900 …

Angel Tissue operates a factory capable of producing 12 million boxes of tissue a year, which it sells wholesale for $0.60 each. S’000s p.a Its costs are as follows Company cars Depreciation Electricity $20 $900 $300 $700 Gas Head office charges $300 $200 Insurance Maintenance $350 $400 Management Marketing Packaging Raw materials (including pulp) $900 $400 $1600 $100 Water Which of these costs are fixed and which are variable (a) (1 mark) (b) What are the fixed, variable and total costs for the factory at both 0 and 12 million units of production? What is the revenue at these production levels? (2 marks) (c) Construct a break even chart (i.e. profit volume chart) labelling the fixed, variable and total costs as a function of production volume (2 marks) Determine the profit at design throughput (d) (1 mark) Determine the throughput at which the plant breaks even. Circle in your diagram (e) (1 mark) Determine the marginal cost and the marginal profit at design capacity (f) (2 marks)

The post Question: A Factory Is Considering Installing Installed Cost Is $240,000 And Will Generate New Product Worth S120,000 Per Year In Extra Revenue And Cost $18,000 Per Year To Run. The Discount Rate Is 13%, The Item Will Be Depreciated Over Its Life Of 4 Years And The Company Tax Rate Is 30%, Paid In Arrears (the Following Year) Scrap Value At Projects End Is $10,000- … appeared first on uniessay writers.


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