Question: QUESTION 5 Backward Compatibility To Facilitate Their Tax Preparation And Who Want To Use A Newer Version That Has Greater Capacity. Therefore, Many Software Manufacturers Engage In A. Dominant Design Manipulation Important Consideration For Software Users Who Are Using An Accounting Program 1s An B. Corrective Change Design Duplication O D. Technological …


Get college assignment help at uniessay writers QUESTION 5 Backward compatibility to facilitate their tax preparation and who want to use a newer version that has greater capacity. Therefore, many software manufacturers engage in a. dominant design manipulation important consideration for software users who are using an accounting program 1s an b. corrective change design duplication o d. technological lockout e. generational change O C QUESTION 6 Which of the following statements about resistance to change is true? a. It is minimal in conditions of certainty. b. It is caused by misunderstanding and distrust. are educated about the need for change. c. It increases when employees d. It increases when those affected by the change participate in its planning and implementation e. It increases when change efforts receive significant managerial support. QUESTION 7 At which stage of organizational decline does the decline become irreversible? a. Crisis stage b. Faulty action stage c. Dissolution stage d. Inaction stage e. Blinded stage QUESTION 8 interventions is to change the In the context of organizational development interventions, the purpose of character and performance department of an organization, business unit, or hierarchy-focused o a. b. person-focused C. coercion d. unit-focused large-system

Question: Attery Corp. Has Rece Been Recewng Complaints Ron Retailers Hat Its 9 Olt Bat Enes Are Not Lasting As Ong S Other Name Brands. James West, Head O The TQ Am At We15 Usan Plant, Be Eve5 There No Problem Because His Bat Er Es Have Ha N ธ Erage Ife Of 4 Hours, About 10% Onger Est Prog An The Standards For Control Chart Imits. Thosc 25 Tests Are Shown …

attery Corp. has rece been recewng complaints ron retailers hat its 9 olt bat enes are not lasting as ong s other name brands. James West, head o the TQ am at we15 usan plant, be eve5 there no problem because his bat er es have ha n ธ erage ife of 4 hours, about 10% onger est prog an the standards for control chart Imits. Thosc 25 tests are shown in the foilowing tablc: Hour Sample R Takn 1 7 Sample 2 35 37 50 % 26 36.8 241 15 47 31 43 49 49 43.8 10 3 30 25 39 28 8360 22 5 51 38 32 2 45 380 27 4 45 420 4 412 40 1 30 29 4D 331219 5 39 28 54 28 37 38 2 155 39 33 7 41422 6 49 52 404 54 478 14 19 7437 39 416 10 0 45744 30 41.0 27 21 42 3 349 396 9 34 41 37 38 35 37.0 7 22 4 30 4 38 35 386 16 10 59 34 40 36 3 40 7 23 36 3 39 40 39 384 4 11 46 3 51 27 4 24 39 393442 402 12 4745 3 32 52 428 25 40 4 4 42 53 43413 13 30 51 4 31 33 4131 This exercise contains anly parts a and b a) For the given data, thexhours fround your response to three decimal places). For the given data, mean range hours (round your response to two decimal places). With z-3, the control limits for the mean chart are: UCLİ-LI hours (round your response to three decimalleces. LCL hours (round your response to three decimal places). The control imits for the rarge chart are: UCLR-hours fround your response to two decimal places) LCLR-O hours (round your response to two decimal places). Sample Det Bample 27 5 3 2 6 0 94 lased on he H-chart tre process hws bean

Question: Vrite An “example” Of INFORMATION, Make Your Own Business Proposal And Calculate Your Daily, Monthly Income? 1. [KN2 Marks 5] Answer

Vrite an “example” of INFORMATION, make your own business proposal and calculate your daily, monthly income? 1. [KN2 Marks 5] Answer

Question: Illustration Capsule 3.1 On P. 69 Is A Group Strategic Map For The U.S. Beer Industry – Review This Graph And Answer The Following Questions: In Your Opinion, Which One Of The 5 Porter Forces Of Completions Is More Important For Boston Beer Company? What Is The Brand Name Of Its Product? Please Give Detailed Answer.

Group Map Example The U.S. Beor Industry Boston Beer Yuengling

Question: AUTOMAKERS BECOME SOFTWARE COMPANIES Which Does Not Exist As Of Yet. Ford Has Doubled Its Ways For Vehicles To Communicate With One Another Industry Is Working On Technology That Will Allow Automakers Are Finding That Software Is A Way Of Adding More “value” And Freshness To Their Products Now Devote Resources To Updating And Testing Their Production. …

AUTOMAKERS BECOME SOFTWARE COMPANIES which does not exist as of yet. Ford has doubled its ways for vehicles to communicate with one another industry is working on technology that will allow Automakers are finding that software is a way of adding more “value” and freshness to their products now devote resources to updating and testing their production. It takes Ford Motor Company, for exam updated saftware to their customers. Car companies ple, about two and a half years to plan, design, and must be finalized long before the car rolls off the line. But the auto makers can create a new software interface for a car within months and update it again and again over the life of the car without much lead plagued smartphone manufacturers and app develop g with the best way to roll out soft ware upgrades to its customers. The company has been mailing USB sticks to 250,000 customers whose time. This enables Ford and other auto makers to significantly improve the driving experience and add to innovate with software and apps Its MyFord running the My Ford Touch interface. The stick con tains a software upgrade that will improve navigation able for select vehicles with controls for navigation, music, phone integration, and temperature. Fard has the ability to control car temperature. The upgrade upgraded this interface and the Sync software behind also contains code that will upgrade system speed the interface, adding tablet and smartphone integra- and improve the interface based on common criti- tion and better voice response. In 2010 Fard added support for the online music streaming service Pandora, which is very popular among young poten- software upgrades this way, the company hopes that tial buyers. This update enahles drivers to connect their tablets and smartphones to the Sync system to Web site for software upgrades on their own. Though access music and other apps using voice commands. most car owners are used to the technology in their Chairman Bill Ford Jr. has championed the use of software to alleviate urban congestion by investing in car, newer cars are poised to change all of that. customers will get into the hahit of checking the Fard cars remaining constant throughout the life of the traffic in the biggest cities. Theoretically, technology neers, whose job is to analyze how their customers might help cars to avoid traffic jams, reserve parking interact with the software in their cars. Often, these To manage vehicles in this way, cars need to be connected to some kind of central system that would coordinate with public transit and other transportation methods, and to do this, cars need to be equipped with software that can monitor and enhance vehicle function at the most basic levels. interface, so Ford moved the most commonly used increased their font size, relegating the rest to sub- menus. Feedback has been positive. Ford has also asked dealers to dedicate more time and personnel to The eventual system would require that cars feed increasing amounts of information to systems whose Chapter 3 Information Systems, Organizations, and Strategy 131 hands on technology training to help customers mas who have grown up using Facebook are less likely to care about privacy and features that collect highly targeted information about a car’s location and driv- GM, Daimler, and other companies are all devel- aping new features for their cars that operate online in the cloud. Users will be able to remotely track in mobile apps, hoping to market them to their cus- again) and diagnose problems with the car, such as low tire pressure or the need for an oil change. Corporations will be able to track employee use of company cars by interpreting car sensors and engine skeptical of the decision to invest that much money increasingly attractive selling point for customers of its BMWi electric and hybrid cars. Although the future of cars sharing information with other nearby and analyze the data from customers’ cars to identify recalls. Just as with apps, the possibilities are limitedpossibilities afforded by smart software and apps. Sources: Jaclyn Trop, Tired of Silicon Valley? Thy Motor City,” Ne ark c, July 1, 2043, Lan Scherr and Mike Rascy, “Deive into puter systems to improve app function, which raises the Future” Wal Sreet Josroal, March II, 201 3; Michelle Maisto, GM will allow its app developers to access March 28, 2013; Ian Sherr, “Cars Pump Up IQ To Get Edge,” Wall Street journal, January 13, 2012, Chris Murphy, “4 Ways Ford is Exploring Next-Gen Car Tech,”Informanion Weck, July 27, 2012 Mike Ramsey, “Avoiding Gridlock with Smart Autos Wal Street believe that automakers will make mistakes as they learn how to properly handle sensitive customer data and to prowide robust privacy options. On the other CASE STUDY QUESTIONS I. How is software adding value to automakers’ prod. 3. What value chain activities are involved in 2. How are the automakers benefiting from software . How much of a competitive advantage is software

Question: Answer Questions 1 – 3 Using The Grid Technique. Organize Your Analysis Using A Tabular / Spreadsheet Format Similar To The One In The Example That Was Explained In This Module. Include A Calculation Table For Each Question And Make Sure To Briefly, But Completely Addresses Each Question. Please Cut And Paste Your Spreadsheet Table(s) Into A Word Document …

The Grid Technique The Grid Technique attempts to locate a fixed facility such that the location represents the least-cost center for moving inbound materials and outbound product within a geographic grid. It finds the ton-mile center of mass, or the geographic point where transportation costs are minimized. The Grid Technique works where all transportation rates are the same or inbound vs. outbound rates are different. As a general rule, in the real world rates for raw materials are generally lower than those for finished goods. Move the slider below the following image to see the changes. The grid model will tend to pull the location of our fixed facility toward the higher cost areas. Supplier Customer Plant $2.00/ton-mile 1.00/ton-mile Thus, the location of a plant will tend to be nearer the market, reducing the overall transportation of the higher rated finished goods in favor of increasing transportation of lower rated raw materials Supply Chain Network Analysis and Design CASE 12.2 Fireside Tire Company Fireside Tire Company, a manufacturer of radial tires for sport utility vehicles, sells its products in the automotive aftermarket and distributes them throughout the United States. Fireside has three tire production plants located in Allentown, Pennsylvania; Toledo, Ohio; and Macomb, linois (see map). Normally, Fireside ships tires from its lants to distribution centers, but truckload-size purchases typically are directly from plants to customer locations. Al shipments to a region move under truck-load rates applying to a minimum weight of 40,000 pounds, or 400 cwt Toledo Cligveland Macomb Raleigh/Durham Charlotte mbia Atlanta Jackson Tallahassee Tampa Miami Fireside management is concerned about the most economical location for a distribu- on center to serve its southeastern region, consisting of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Plorida, Mississippi, Alabama, and southeastern Tennessee. Although an Atlanta distribution center currently serves this region, Fireside management is concerned that the lanta location is not the most logistically sound alternative. To help the logistics department conduct an analysis of this region’s distribution center location using the grid method, Fireside’s transportation the following data based on projections for 2012 department developed 2012 SHIPMENTS TO ATLANTA GRID COORDINATES FROM CWT RATE/CWT MILEAGE HORIZONTAL Toledo 15,000 $2.20 640 1,160 1,360 2.43 735 1,070 11,000 2.52 1,150 2012 SHIPMENTS FROM ATLANTA GRID COORDINATES TO HORIZONTAL 1,350 Atlanta 3,500 Tampa 1,570 Birmingham 2,800 Miami 1,740 90 5,100 1,600 Columbia 1,600 1,590 740 The transportation department also determined that total freight expenditures from the Atlanta distribution center during 2012 were $217,000 and that the average shipment distance was 330 miles. CASE QUESTIONS 1. Based on the available information, is Atlanta the best location for a distribution center to serve the southeastern region? If not, what would you recommend? 2. The Fireside transportation department projects a 25 percent rate increase in 2013 from all of its transportation providers. How will this affect the southeastern location . Marketing anticipates that the Raleigh/Durham market will grow by 3,000 cwt in 2014, and that Fireside will serve the growth from Allentown. How will this affect Atlanta as a location? Source Edward J.Bardi, Ph.D. Used with permission.

Question: How Do You Feel About Airlines Mining Your In Flight Data? Is This Any Different From Companies Mining Your Credit Card Purchases Or Web Surfing?

IDENTIFYING MARKET NICHES IN THE AGE OF BIG DATA With the amount od data avallable to companies dou questions can be answered, authors wll need bling every year, nee sources of data, and innova- tions in data collection, possibilities foe marketers to on the large publishing houses signing deals with dentify market niches and finely tune campaigns access to compechensive data. And that depends are not flocking to supply titles. So fat Oyster, and Entitle-aim to turm a peofit hy discover only Harper Collins has signed with Oyster and Scribd, while Random House, Penguin, and Simon

Question: QUESTION-2 The Production Management Of A Well-known Company In Men’s Clothing Wants To Determine The Optimal Production Mix For One Of Its Products -tie Production There Are Four Types Of Ties Manufactured In The Company. The Monthly Raw Materials That Can Be Supplied And Their Respective Prices Are Given In The Table Below The Fabric Price Monthly …

QUESTION-2 The production management of a well-known company in men’s clothing wants to determine the optimal production mix for one of its products -tie production There are four types of ties manufactured in the company. The monthly raw materials that can be supplied and their respective prices are given in the table below The fabric Price Monthly Quantity (meter) (S/meter) 21 Silk 800 Polyester 3.000 Cotton 1.600 The company has made contracts with big chain stores and has to realize the minimum delivery requirements specified in the contracts. In addition to this, the demand for tie in the market is limited. Develop a model that could determine the monthly optimal production program of the company that satisfy the conditions stated in the table below and solve it using MS Solver Required The minimum Sales quantity for ties Monthly that is specified demand in the contract Unit The fabric amount of Product for tie raw material Sed for (meter/unit) production Price (S) 0,125 Silk 6,70 6.000 7.000 96 100 Silk 96 100 10.000 14.000 0,08 Polyester 3,55 Polyester Polyester P 4,31 Cotton 13.000 16.000 0,10 Polyester- 96 (Type 1) 50 Cotton Cotton 0 Polyester 6.000 8.500 0,10 Polyester-% 4,81 70 Cotton (Type 2)

Question: Which Company Do You Think Has The Best Strategy? Why? Describe And Explain? Iscussion Question Week One Click Here) What Is Their Strategy? Give Details What Makes Their Strategy Better Than Its Competitors? Two Rules! Please Don’t Use Apple As Your Company, Don’t Repeat Any Other Students Example!

Which company do you think has the best strategy? Why? describe and explain? iscussion Question Week One Click Here) What is their strategy? Give details What makes their strategy better than its competitors? Two Rules! Please don’t use Apple as your company, don’t repeat any other students example!

Question: MGT- Home Insert Draw Page Layout Formulas Data Review View Help Get Started Power Pivot Cut Calibri 11 Gb Wrap Text Copy General BIU SH Format Painter Merge

MGT- Home Insert Draw Page Layout Formulas Data Review View Help Get Started Power Pivot Cut Calibri 11 gb Wrap Text Copy General BIU SH Format Painter Merge

Question: Cisco Systems: Evolution Of Structure OVERVIEW The Evolution Of Cisco From A University Campus Networking Solution To A Global Technology Leader Has Been A Dynamic Process. The Speed Of Technological Innovation Means That Managers Are Already Talking About The “next New Thing” During The Launch Of Each New Product Or Service. Parallel With The Rapid …

Get college assignment help at uniessay writers Cisco Systems: Evolution of Structure OVERVIEW The evolution of Cisco from a university campus networking solution to a global technology leader has been a dynamic process. The speed of technological innovation means that managers are already talking about the “next new thing” during the launch of each new product or service. Parallel with the rapid technological evolution at Cisco are the changes in organizational structure. As Cisco expanded, visionary John Chambers was brought in as CEO, and he expanded the company into advanced technologies. By 2000, Cisco had attained a brief designation as the world’s most valuable company. Will the evolution of Cisco continue? And if so, what will it look like? Company history indicates that, just as a quick response is needed in the rapid evolution technology products and services, the company must remain aware of structural changes needed within the organization to maintain its leadership position ASSIGNMENT QUESTIONS 1. Discuss the organizational structure at Cisco Systems. Explain and discuss each one of the current structural dimensions (see chapter 1 page 18). Explain and discuss each one of the current contingency factors (see chapter 1 page 20). What type of structure is this? (see chapter 3) and why? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of a structure? 2. What design changes were needed (from Cisco 1 to Cisco 2)? What type of a structure should the company go towards? (see chapter 3) What are this structure’s advantages and disadvantages? 3. How did globalization affect Cisco’s structure? By 2006, expanded globalization and the need of horizontal collaboration brought further structural evolution. In this Cisco 3, what is the structure? What are its advantages and disadvantages? (chapter 3) 4. How has Cisco’s structure continued to evolve? What type of structure is this? Advantages? Disadvantages? What are the cultural adjustments that came with the structural evolution? Explain. (chapter 3) You should not approach this case with a “read the case once and type your answers from the case” view. In fact, just the opposite.. .each sentence that you type should have a connection to the course concepts discussed in a particular chapter of that module as relevant to your case. 島– e 1 of 2 573 Words English (US) Focus

Question: Course Home XUntitled Document-Google DxUnit Four Qui XChapters 20

Course Home xUntitled document-Google DxUnit Four Qui xChapters 20

Question: Clubs Like BJ’s And Sam’s Club? 2. Does Costco Compete With Nonmembership Retailers, Such As Walmart And Target? Why Or Why Not? 3Can Costco Compete Successfully On A Large Scale Outside Of The United States And Canada? Why Or Why Not? Case Two Home Depot (You Can Find This Case At The End Of Chapter Two) 1. Is It Necessary For Home Depot To Emphasize …

clubs like BJ’s and Sam’s Club? 2. Does Costco compete with nonmembership retailers, such as Walmart and Target? Why or why not? 3Can Costco compete successfully on a large scale outside of the United States and Canada? Why or why not? Case Two Home Depot (You can find this case at the end of chapter two) 1. Is it necessary for Home Depot to emphasize both the DIY and contractor segments of the market to build and maintain tied more closely to the general state of the economy than the other? Explain. 2. Has competitive pressure from Lowe’s caused Home Depot to modify its bu 3. Do international opportunities exist for Home Depot beyond North America? Hand in the case questions online by clicking the link above. Attach the file to the “browse my computer” button. Keep a backup copy. Include your Name at the ton of th change the “I” to a number. To check your scores by going to Tools and then click on “My Grades.” If you see a padlock or ? mark, where a grade should be you need to resubmit No late submissions will be accepted. Make Sure your include your name at the top the page. (no name no points) Please attach (word or PDF) file to this link. s of scale? Is one segment ? If so, how? e assignment After you submit you will see a” in the grade book, this is normal, once I grade your assignment I will

Question: R/book/E4SES42P8OR/page/ae70dde77b880adcf7557a77de6cd6998a01bfea8?deeplink True

r/book/E4SES42P8OR/page/ae70dde77b880adcf7557a77de6cd6998a01bfea8?deeplink true

Question: I Got So Confused About This Question. Please Take A Look And Figure Out For Me. Thanks

As Thomas Friedman put it, “thirty years ago, if you had a choice of being a B student in Boston or a genius in Bangalore, you probably would have chosen Boston.” Nowadays, due to the flattening of the world, Friedman argues that’s no longer the case. How have advances in information technology changed this thinking?

Question: CBEB2103/CID2001 Soalan/Question 4 Express Office Supplies(EOS) Menjual Bekalan Pejabat Kepada Firma Di Sekitar Lembah Klang. EOS Menghantar Bekalan Kepada Firma Yang Memesan $100 Minima. Untuk Menggalakkan Belian Pukal, EOS Menawarkan Diskaun Untuk Kotak Kertas. Jadual Harga Yang Ditawarkan Adalah Seperti Berikut Express Office Supplies (EOS) Sells …

CBEB2103/CID2001 Soalan/Question 4 Express Office Supplies(EOS) menjual bekalan pejabat kepada firma di sekitar Lembah Klang. EOS menghantar bekalan kepada firma yang memesan $100 minima. Untuk menggalakkan belian pukal, EOS menawarkan diskaun untuk kotak kertas. Jadual harga yang ditawarkan adalah seperti berikut Express Office Supplies (EOS) sells office supplies to firms in Klang Valley. The company delivers supplies directly to the purchaser as long as a minimum purchase of $100 is made. In order to encourage bulk orders, EOS offers the following discount schedule on purchase of boxes of paper Harga sekotak Price per box Kuantiti pembelian Order Quantity Kurang dari 100 kotak $5 Less than 100 baxes 100-249 kotak 100-249 boxes $4.75 250-499 kotak 250-499 baxes $4.50 Lebih dari 500 kotak More than 500 baxes $4.25 Norman Products mempunyai keperluan tahunan 5,000 kotak kertas, kos memesan adalah $10 dan kos memegang adalah 22 peratus dari harga. Syorkan kuantiti pembelian optimal bagi Norman Products. Norman Products has annual demand of 5,000 boxes of paper, a set up cost of $10 per order and a holding cost of 22 percent of purchase price. Recommend the optimal order quantity for Norman Products [Jumlah/Total: 30 markahlmarks] TAMAT END 4/4

Question: NO CBEB2103/CID2001 SEKSYEN ISECTION B Jawab SEMUA Soalan/Answer ALL Questions Soalan/Question 3 CPC Products Membeli Pembekal Tersebut Menawarkan EZY Pada Harga Seperti Berikut Komponen EZY Dari Pembekalnya, Lucky Partmakers. CPC Products Buys EZY Component From Its Supplier, Lucky Partmakers. The Supplier Offers EZY At The Price As In The Following …

NO CBEB2103/CID2001 SEKSYEN ISECTION B Jawab SEMUA soalan/Answer ALL Questions Soalan/Question 3 CPC Products membeli Pembekal tersebut menawarkan EZY pada harga seperti berikut komponen EZY dari pembekalnya, Lucky Partmakers. CPC Products buys EZY component from its supplier, Lucky Partmakers. The supplier offers EZY at the price as in the following table: Harga Seunit $ Price per unit, Diskaun Kuantiti Oder Order Quantity Discount 30.00 1-49 0% 28.50 50-99 5% 27.00 100 or more 10% Kos pesanan ialah $20. Permintaan setahun ialah 150 unit. Kos memegang seunit inventori setahun adalah 25 % dari harga komponen. The cost to place an order is $20. Annual demand is 150 units. Annual holding cost per unit is 25% of component price. Kirakan kuantiti pesanan ekonomik, untuk setiap kategori harga yang ditawarkan. a) Calculate theeconomic order quantity for each category of price offered (10 markah/marks) Apakah kuantiti pesanan yang dicadangkan oleh anda?? Mengapa? What order quantity would you recommend? Why? b) (20 markah/marks) [Jumlah/Total: 30 markah/marks] 3/4 MA

Question: Sam’s Cat Hotel Operates 52 Weeks Per Year, 7 Days Per Week, And Uses A Continuous Review Inventory System. It Purchases Kitty Litter For $10.75 Per Bag. The Following Information Is Available About These Bags. Refer To The Standard Normal Table For Z-values. Demand 100 Bags/week Order Cost = $57/order Annual Holding Cost 26 Percent Of Cost Desired …

Sam’s Cat Hotel operates 52 weeks per year, 7 days per week, and uses a continuous review inventory system. It purchases kitty litter for $10.75 per bag. The following information is available about these bags. Refer to the standard normal table for z-values. Demand 100 bags/week Order cost = $57/order Annual holding cost 26 percent of cost Desired cycle-service level-96 percent Lead time 2 week(s) (14 working days) Standard deviation of weekly demand 20 bags Current on-hand inventory is 315 bags, with no open orders or backorders. a. What is the EOQ? Sam’s optimal order quantity is 461 bags. (Enter your response rounded to the nearest whole number) What would be the average time between orders (in weeks)? The average time between orders is 4.6 weeks. (Enter your response rounded to one decimal place.) b. What should R be? The reorder point is 249 bags. (Enter your response rounded to the nearest whole number) c. An inventory withdrawal of 10 bags was just made. Is it time to reorder? It is not time to reorder It is not time to reorder d. The store currently uses a lot size of 480 bags (i.e., Q 480). What is the annual holding cost of this policy? The annual holding cost is $ 670 80. (Enter your response rounded to two decimal places.) What is the annual ordering cost? The annual ordering cost is $ 617 50 (Enter your response rounded to two decimal places.) Without calculating the EOQ, how can you conclude from these two calculations that the current lot size is too large? XA. There is not enough information toydetermine this When Q 480, the annual hold ing cost is less then the ordering cost, therefore Q is too small. C. Both quantities are appropriate D. When Q = 480, the annual holding cost is larger than the ordering cost, therefore Q is too large. e. What would be the annual cost saved by shifting from the 480-bag lot size to the EOQ? (Enter your response rounded to two decimal places) The annual hold ing cost with the EOQ is $ 642 85 The annual ordering cost with the EOQ is $ 644 35 (Enter your response rounded to two decimal places) Therefore, Sam’s Cat Hotel saves S 0 by shifting from the 480-bag lot size to the EOQ (Enter your response rounded decimal places)

Question: BEB2103/CID2001 Soalan/Question 4 Angel Pharmacy Menjual Produk Excel Skincare. Pembekainya, Excel Company Menawarkan Diskaun Quantiti Untuk Angel Pharmacy. Jadual Harga Yang Ditawarkan Pembekal Adalah Seperti Berikut: Angel Pharmacy Sells Excel Skincare Product. The Supplier, Excel Company Offers Quantity Discount To Angel Pharmacy. The Discount Schedule …

BEB2103/CID2001 Soalan/Question 4 Angel Pharmacy menjual produk Excel Skincare. Pembekainya, Excel Company menawarkan diskaun quantiti untuk Angel Pharmacy. Jadual harga yang ditawarkan pembekal adalah seperti berikut: Angel Pharmacy sells Excel Skincare product. The supplier, Excel company offers quantity discount to Angel Pharmacy. The discount schedule for Excel Skincare product offered by the supplier is as follows: Order Quantity Price per unit $20 Less than 100 100-1000 $19 $18 More than 1000 Kos memesan adalah $40. Keperluan tahunan ialah 3,000 unit. dan kos memegang adalah 25 peratus dari harga. Buat penilaian opsyen diskaun yang ada dan syorkan kuantiti pembelian optimal bagi Excel skincare product The cost to place an order is $40. Annual demand is 3,000 units Holding cost is 25 percent of the material cost. Decide the economic order quantity to buy each time. (30 markah/marks)

Question: MyManagementLab Go To To Complete The Problems Marked With This Icon REVIEW AND DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 1-5. Why Is It Important For Managers To Focus On The Customer? O 1-1. What Is A Manager? How Do Managers Differ From Nonmanagerial Employees? 1-2. Why Are Managers Important To 1-6. Is It More Important For Managers To Focus On Technology…

MyManagementLab Go to to complete the problems marked with this icon REVIEW AND DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 1-5. Why is it important for managers to focus on the customer? o 1-1. What is a manager? How do managers differ from nonmanagerial employees? 1-2. Why are managers important to 1-6. Is it more important for managers to focus on technology or innovation? 1-7. Explain why the universality-of-management concept still holds true or doesn’t hold true in today’s world. 1-8. “Management is undoubtedly organizations? 1-3. In today’s environment, explain which is more important to organizations-efficiency or effectiveness. 1-4. Is your course instructor a manager? Discuss in terms of managerial functions, managerial roles, and skills one of humankind’s important inventions.” Explain why you do or do not agree with this statement. most MyManagementLab If your professor has assigned these, go to for Auto- graded-writing questions as well as the following Assisted-graded writing questions: 1-9. Is there one best “style” of management? Why or why not? I-10. Researchers at Harvard Business School found that the most important mana- gerial behaviors involve two fundamental things: enabling people forward in their work and treating them decently as human beings. What do you think of these two managerial behaviors? What are the implications for someone, like yourself, who is studying management? to move Part 1 Introduction to Management 26 this idea by thinking of these employee circles as types of overlapping employee group but with more fluid membership and individual roles and responsibilities.) In these circles, employees can take on any number of roles, and the expectatios that each employee will help out wherever he or she can. Without titles or a hierarchy anyone can initiate a projoct and implement innovative ideas. The hope is that circle members will pool ideas and watch out for each other. The goal is radical transparency and getting more people to take charge. Yet, trusting individuals who probably kn the details of the job better than any manager to work conscientiously, creatively, and efficiently is good as long as there is a way to keep standards high. The last thing Zan pos wants is for a slacker mentality to take hold. Hsieh has always approached leading his business in unique and radical ways He strongly believes in the power of the individual and has created a highly successful organization (which is now part of Amazon) that’s known for its zany culture, where corporate values are matched with personal values and where “weirdness and humil ity are celebrated.” However, as the company moves away from the traditional work model to this new system, it may face some challenges. Both Zappos and Robertson caution that while a holacracy might eliminate the traditional manager’s job, there is still structure and accountability. Poor performers will be obvious because they won’ have enough “roles” to fill their time, or a circle charged with monitoring the compa- ny’s culture may decide they’re not a good fit. Also, iust because there are no traditional managers doesn’t mean that leaders won’t emerge. But it will be important to watch for dominant personalities emerging as authority figures, which could potentially cause other employees to be resentful or to rebel. Zappos says that it will not be leader- less. Some individuals will have a bigger role and scope of purpose, but leadership is also distributed and expected in each role. “Evervbodv is expected to lead and be an entrepreneur in their own roles, and holacracy empowers them to do so.” Also, there will be some structure arrangement where “the broadest circles can to some extent tell subgroups what they’re accountable for doing.”7 But accountability, rather than flow- ing only up, will flow throughout the organization in different paths. Other challenges they’re still trying to figure out include who has the ultimate authority and decide pay. The hope is that eventually the authority for each of these roles will be done within the holacratic framework as well. So, if no one has a title and there are no bosses, is Tony Hsieh still the CEO? So far, he hasn’t publicly commented about how his own role is impacted. to hire, fire, DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 1-17. What is a holacracy? 1-18. What benefits do you see to an organization where there are no job titles, no managers, and no hierarchy? 1-19. What challenges does a holacratic approach have? 1-20. Discuss why you would or would not like to work in an organization like this ES 4. I Morgan, “The 5 Types of Organizational Structures: Part 3, Elat Organizations” Forbes online,, July 13, 2015 5. “Interaction: First, Let’s Fire All the Managers” Harignd The Number of Fortune 500 Companies Is at an All-Time High: 5 Percent,” The f online,, June 4, 2015 66 Introduction to Management Part 1 IDENTIFY effective decision-making techniques. Managers can make effective decisionns by understanding cultural differences in dec sion making, creating standards for good decision making, knowing when it’s time to call it quits, using an effective decision-making process, and developing thecir abday to think cleary. An effective decision-making process (1) focuses on what’s imponan, (2) is logical and consistent; (3) acknowledges both subjective and objective think ing and blends both analytical and intuitive approaches; (4) requires only “enoug information as is necessary to resolve a problem; (5) encourages and guides gathering relevant information and informed opinions; and (6) is straightforward, reliable, casy LO2.5 to use, and flexible. Design thinking is “approaching management problems as designers approach design problems.” It can be useful when identifying problems and when identfying and evaluating alternatives. Using big data, decision makers have power tools to help them make decisions. However, no matter how comprehensive or well analyzed the b data, it needs to be tempered by good judgment. MyManagementLab Go to to complete the problems marked with this icon O REVIEW AND DISCUSSION QUESTIONS the rationality and bounded rationality models o decision making, or can they? Explain. 2-6, Is there a difference between wrong decisions an bad decisions? Why do good managers sometim make wrong decisions? Bad decisions? How can managers improve their decision-making skills? 2-7. What is big data? How can 2-1. Why is decision making often described as the essence of a manager’s job? 2-2. Describe the eight steps in the decision-making process 2-3. Compare and contrast the four ways managers make decisions organizations effect 2-4. Explain the two types of problems and decisions. Contrast the three decision-making conditions use big data to improve decision making? Shou managers be cautious in using big data? 2-5. How can managers blend the guidelines for making effective decisions in today’s world with MyManagementLab If your professor has assigned these, go to for Auto-graded writing questions as well as the following Assisted-graded writing ques- tions: 2-8. How might an organization’s culture influence the way managers make deci- sions? 2-9. All of us bring biases to the decisions we make. What would be the draw- backs of having biases? Could there be any advantages to having biases? Fuohin What are the implications for managerial decision making! MGT3I6 20E とも SUADAT ary stic 69 Chapter 2 Making Decisions s is they ind 1Where to Locate Next? CASE APPLICATION The Wendy’s Co. has some tough decisions ahead. The third largest quick-service hamburger chain in the United States is planning to expand by opening around 1,000 new restaurants by the end of 2020, While a maiority of the stores will be franchises Wendy’s management must decide on the locations of the stores because the company ty ry in the real estate for the new locations. inves Experts suggest that a restaurant’s location is the most important factor for busi- ness success. You can have great food and excellent customer service, but if you don’t have the right customers coming through the door, the restaurant will not survive. Selecting ent considerations. Management must look at factors such as local traflic patterns, neighborhood demographics, availability of labor to staff the store, and the locations. of competitors. In the fast-food industry, the real estate and building are significant capital investments, making the selection of a new location a risky decision. Wendy’s is taking advantage of technology to help decide where to locate new stores. Management uses Esri, a geographic information system (GIS), to determine where to build new locations. Esri is a software mapping solution that allows Wendy’s decision makers to predict and assess the values and the risks associated with potential new locations by simply clicking on a map. The software provides information on auto a new restaurant location can be a daunting task as there are many differ- traffic, consumer demographics, area safety, competitors, commercial mix, and other factors about a possible geographic location. The GIS integrates all of this informa- tion into a sales forecasting model to support decisions related to both opening new stores and closing or relocating other locations This information is invaluable to support decisions on Wendy’s the company can use it to supplement their own data. While the GIIS is able to inte- grate their past sales data, the company does not always have access to other data needed. For example, unlike many other retail industries, fast food restaurants do not use customer loyalty programs. Therefore, it is harder for them to collect demographic information about customers. As a result, the investment in the software is worthwhile in order for Wendy’s to meet its planned growth challenge. new locations as DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 2-12. How does the GIS help Wendy’s improve their decisions on store locations? 2-13. Are the store location decisions certain or uncertain decisions? 2-14. How can intuition contribute to Wendy’s decision-making process? 2 The Business of Baseba CASE APPLICATION

Question: QUESTION 1 Which Of The Following A. Design Competition B. Entropy Is A Characteristic Of Discontinuous Change? O C. Synergy D. Innovative Reciprocity E. Incremental Change QUESTION 2 Levio Is A Company That Makes Mobile Apps And Has Decided To Become A Market Leader In The Field. Levio Can Encourage The Development Of A Culture Where Workers Perceive …

QUESTION 1 Which of the following a. Design competition b. Entropy is a characteristic of discontinuous change? O c. Synergy d. Innovative reciprocity e. Incremental change QUESTION 2 Levio is a company that makes mobile apps and has decided to become a market leader in the field. Levio can encourage the development of a culture where workers perceive that new ideas are welcomed by offering challenging work and supervisory encouragement. In other words, the company can create a(n) a. bureaucratic envvironment b. tall structure c. creative work environment d. closed system e. culture of change QUESTION 3 When companies don’t anticipate, recognize, neutralize, or adapt to the internal or extemal pressures that threaten their survival, it results in o a. design competition b. resistance to change c. discontinuous change o d. organizational decline e. generational change QUESTION 4 The typical S-curve patten of innovation indicates that both early and late in the technology cycle, increased effort (ie., money, research and development) brings only small improvements in technological performance. O True False

The post Question: QUESTION 5 Backward Compatibility To Facilitate Their Tax Preparation And Who Want To Use A Newer Version That Has Greater Capacity. Therefore, Many Software Manufacturers Engage In A. Dominant Design Manipulation Important Consideration For Software Users Who Are Using An Accounting Program 1s An B. Corrective Change Design Duplication O D. Technological … appeared first on uniessay writers.


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