startup business implememtation plan


I need a implementation plan, using background information below. The format for this assignment is the attached UoP Implementation template that must be used. Paper must have cover page.


Background info startup website should be based on: do a plan for a startup T-shirt company. I would use this as a stepping stone in to the world of online entrepreneurship and grow from there. I would start by creating a small website and pay for web hosting on a service like Rackspace or GoDaddy and use Google marketing to get the word out about the company. I would have images of the T-shirts I would like to sell and I would have video testimonial from customers and about video telling customers who we are as a company on the website. I would also like to get marketing revenue from companies that sell products in my same genre.


Tutor must use the resource: University of Phoenix Material: Implementation Plan Template, ensuring, at a minimum a cover page is added along with the correct header format and reference section. Use the template to guide you through the creation of your plan focusing on the sections below as they are critical to a successful implementation. Use the textbook cited in last week’s assignment as 1 of the references.



You can leave the stakeholder info portion blank I will fill that out. The rest of the information you can make up.




Plan must include all of the following must be included


•Business strategies for implementation, rationale and scope


•What value will the implementation offer


•Both technology- and human-based safeguards used for information systems


•Information comparing security requirements of out-sourcing and in-sourcing


•Comparison of technical, user, and system training documentation


•Timelines (embed a MS Project timeline example or use Excel similar to project and ensure task name, start and stop dates are included with any dependencies and resources) and the need for their accuracy


Include at least 3 to 5 references, including the textbook and course materials.