Thank you for considering and accepting. I will reprice to $20. Just to re-emphasize:

Thank you for considering and accepting. I will reprice to $20.Just to re-emphasize:”Solve the three problems below and write a 75-100 word response explaining the results you obtained for each of the selected questions.IN-TEXT CITATION AND ALPHABETIZED REFERENCE SECTION IS REQUIRED TO ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS SEE EXAMPLE BELOW:EXAMPLE:..………As outlined by Hedstrom (1998), the challenges of digital preservation are multifaceted, involving a mixture of technical and organizational issues. Most digital preservation researchers(Besser, 2000; Connaway, O’Neill, & Prabha, 2006) agree that none of the current preservation strategies would work………ReferenceBesser, H. (2000). Digital longevity handbook for digital projects: A management tool for preservation and access. Andover, MA: Northeast Document Conservation Center.Connaway, L. S., O’Neill, E. T., & Prabha, C. (2006). Last copies: What’s at risk? College and Research Libraries, 67(4), 370-379.Hedstrom, M. (1998). Digital preservation: A time bomb for digital libraries. Computers and the Humanities, 31(3), 189-202.

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