THE MG371 CASE Growth Pains at Mountain States Healthcare Background Mountain States Healthcare (MSH) is a regional system of hospitals located in…

I need a 4 page essay that includes 3 parts listed below….MG 371 CASE ANALYSIS METHOD 

PART 1 – Definition of the situation: minimum of one page, single spaced, Verdana 12 point font.  Definition of the situation should be a thorough description of the organization and the present situation with detailed personal opinions and views.  

PART 2 – Analysis of the Situation: minimum of two pages, single spaced, Verdana 12 point font.  Analysis of the situation should be a detailed analysis of the management process, organization, the situation, contributing factors and other variables.  It should include detailed application of course concepts that may apply to the selected case situation such as:  Management Skills  The Management Process  Values, Attitudes, Moods, and Emotions  Management Ethics  Social Responsibility  Workforce Diversity  National Cultures  Managing in the Global Environment  Managerial Decision Making  Group Decision Making  The Planning Process  Functional Level, Business Level, and Corporate Level Strategies  Organizational Structure  Job Design  Output Control and Behavior Control  Expectancy Theory  Needs Theory  Equity Theory  Trait and Behavior Models of leadership  Transformational Leadership  Situational Leadership  Managing Organizational Change  Managing Groups and Teams    Group Dynamics  Recruitment and Selection of Employees  Communication and Information  Management Information Systems Operations Management  And other factors

 PART 3 – Recommendations: Minimum of one page, single spaced, Verdana 12 point font.  The Recommendations section should provide a comprehensive identification of the selected single best solution and explain why it is perceived to be the best solution. It also includes a complete implementation plan which thoroughly describes the courses of action and order of sequence for their adoption.