The Post American World by Fareed ZakariaProject Introduction:In the book The Post American World by Fareed Zakaria, the author discusses “the rise of the rest” and asks the question: “Will th

The Post American World by Fareed Zakaria

Project Introduction:

In the book The Post American World by Fareed Zakaria, the author discusses “the rise of the rest” and asks the question: “Will the future be modern or Western”. Recently we have seen Russia and India signing a total of 16 trade agreements worth billions of dollars. We have also seen the Philippines announce their intentions to move closer to China and away from the United States and European countries discussing moving forward in solidarity without the US. Clearly the world is changing and the influence of countries such as India, China, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, South Africa is getting stronger.


Please select one of the above countries (Except China) and answer the following questions:

1.)    Will that country’s future be modern or Western?

2.)    Over the past 20-30 years, what changes have been made in that country from an economic perspective? Discuss ALL of the following: GDP growth; shift in focus in industries now as compared to the past; change in that country’s economic objectives and policy makers’ goals (remember from Chapter #3 we discussed the Trilemma and Exchange Rate regime choice).

3.)    How has that country’s relationship with the United States changed over the past 20-30 years?

4.)    Who are the major trading partners of the country that you selected today? How has that changed over the past few decades? How will it change in the future?

5.)    Mr. Zakaria, near the conclusion of his book, suggested 6 guidelines for the United States to operate effectively in the post American world. Given the current political environment in the US today, what is your take on whether these guidelines will be followed? Please explain.

Your answers to the above should be at least 3 pages (not including any supporting charts/data that you may elect to provide). Your answers must be single spaced using size 11 font. Please provide a hard copy of your typed answers to this assignment at class on February 28, 2018. Late papers will not be accepted. Please provide source references to all materials that you use to answer the questions.

Please be creative and imaginative. Have fun with this!

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