This business Law question about Unionized Labour Law .

This business Law question about Unionized Labour Law.

Lawyer Bal has always been involved in trying to stir up trouble at the local Super Duper Grocery Store located in New Minas, Kings County, Nova Scotia. Employed at the Super Duper Grocery Store are 30 full- time clerks and cashiers, 10 part-time clerks and cashiers who work between 10 and 20 hours per week, and another 10 so-called “casual” clerks/cashiers who are on call to fill in for the full-time and part-time employees who may be sick, on vacation, or otherwise off work for various reasons. There are also 5 sanitation “cleaners” who work at the store and are paid by an outside personnel agency, who in turn pass along a bill for the costs of their wages to the Super Duper Store. The clerks/cashiers report to 5 “Assistant Managers” who are in charge of various sections of the Super Duper Store, such as cash registers, produce, meat and fish, etc. These “Assistant Managers” have the authority to issue “warning letters” and “verbal warnings” to employees who have breached company rules, and on occasion “Assistant Managers” have sat in on the interviewing of prospective new employees. However, unlike the “Store Manager,” they do not have the final word on hiring employees and they cannot terminate or suspend employees at the Super Duper Store. They also have authority to report discipline issues concerning the “cleaners” to the above personnel agency. “Assistant Managers” do have access to some financial information outlining the bottom line monthly performance of the Super Duper Store in New Minas, and they report to 2 “Lead Managers” who in turn report to the Store Manager.