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Need to do a full Federal Income tax, then instructions are attached, please help

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Federal Individual Income Tax Return Fall 2018Q Search in DocumentHomeInsertDesignLayoutReferencesMailingsReviewView"+ ShareCalibri (Body)12 . A- A- AaAaBbCcDdEeAaBbCcDdEeAaBbCcDcAaBbCcDdEeAaBbCAaBbCcDdEEAaBbCcDdEeAaBbCcDdEePasteU . abe X2 X2 |AvNormalNo SpacingHeading 1Heading 2SubtitleSubtle EmphEmphasisStylesPanJohn purchased a heavy duty, fire-resistant file cabinet with security-vault features for $4,800 on3/5/18 (7 year property). He wants to expense as much of this cost as possible in 2018 (does not wantto capitalize and depreciate over 7 years). John does not have any other depreciable assets.10. John has a home office that is 300 square feet of dedicated space that is used solely for his consultingbusiness. John uses the simplified method for calculating his home office deduction.Required:1)Prepare the Federal Individual Income tax return, including Form 1040, Schedule A, Schedule B,Schedule D and any other additional forms and Federal Statements that may be required, using thedraft forms in Blackboard. If you feel a form is missing, go to the IRS website for Draft 2018 forms:https://apps.irs.gov/app/picklist/list/draftTaxForms.htmlFor Education Credits, use the 2017 form and instructions (I did not see any draft forms available).For the Statements you will need to create your own Word document, be sure you put theTaxpayer’s name and EIN on the top of the statement page (there is no fill-in statement form)Statements are used to explain, or provide more detail for a specific line item on the tax return2) One member of your group will be designated at the preparer and will be required to sign the taxreturn. You pick who this individual is. If I have any questions, this is the individual I will contact.Include your firm’s name, address, EIN, & PTIN. You are not self-employed.3) For the tax return: round all numbers to whole dollars (do not use decimals), do not enter "0" intolines that do not have an amount (leave them blank), make sure all necessary boxes are checked,questions answered, and required statements are completed. Attach all forms in sequential orderYou do not have to attach instructions, but do attach any worksheets to support your calculationsie: tax calculations).Page 3 of 41116 WordsxEnglish (US)Focus100%

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