week 1 2 questions 250 word count and zero plagarism due today 4pm

Week 1 DQ 1


Marketing Activities

As you consider the marketing concept it may seem a bit abstract. One way I like to think of marketing as educating the consumer. In return of this communication, the consumer often ends up having a story to tell in and in turn can tell more about the product through word of mouth. This is where some elements of market research and planning come in to play. The goal of the marketing department is to get a clear look at who the customer is and what they expect and then gear the products/services of the company to exceed their expectations. How could a company use marketing activities to encourage a positive message to be spread between consumers?


Grasping the Concept

Have you encountered any situation personally in a working environment where marketing has been essential to achieving the sales goals of an organization? The difference between marketing and sales can often be an “abstract” idea and working examples help all of us to better grasp the concept!


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