accounting capstone project

 Ed has decided that he would like to expand his business. In order to do this, he needs to procure a primary lender. He will be approaching several lenders and investors to see who will give him the best deal. He has asked you to prepare a presentation that will be given to these interested parties. In addition, you must prepare a business report that contains detailed information that was included in the presentation.


You may find it helpful to contact a lender and ask what types of information they typically look for in these types of situations. Include the information that you have been creating throughout the term that you feel would be included in a lending proposal. Feel free to conduct financial statement analysis to include in the presentation. Make sure you include any resources that you consulted to obtain your information. Following are some of the items that you may wish to include:


Background information on Big Ed’s Motorcycle Shop

Short bio on Ed Silver and the office manager/bookkeeper

How does Big Ed’s Motorcycle Shop intend to repay its debt?

Why is the loan needed?   


 Here is more information what she wants exactly:


My teacher wants us to start first with how much money are we asking for, why do we need it (buy a new building). How Ed’s company is going to repay the debt. Use the financial statement information for paying the debt. How Ed did started the business (you can write anything you wish) Short biography on Ed – what are his coalification to have this business, His intentions in 5 years for the business.
Bio on the office manager ( which would be me, we can say that I have an accounting  How am I going to help EDs company to pay his dept.  Business report at lest 3-4 APA format and have to site if we use an outside resource!