Attached is the Major Case study: #12 Outdoor Sporting Products. Due Week 8 (Saturday) 100 points I have created the following rubric for the final…

Customer Service and Support

The final Paper should be comprised of the following:

Cover page

Executive summary


Each of the 7 above sections in detail answering the questions and providing recommendations for each. Each section should start on its own page with sequential numbering (I,II, III )

Overall Recommendations/conclusions with priorities that the company should address

List of references (in APA format)(references should be sourced when used in the main body) with minimum one non text non wiki reference per section or minimum 5.

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  • Attachment 6

Outdoor Sporting Products IncCase AnalysisStudent’s name:Course name and number:Name of instructor:Date of submission: Executive summaryOutdoor sporting products inc. is an outdoor sporting…

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