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Final Project Integration: Business Proposal for Management (150) points

Integrating Word and PowerPoint           

The goal is to share a “Business proposal for management” how your company chosen and displayed in the “Excel Course Project” can address management and leadership actions within the organizational culture of the business in a Word document and PowerPoint presentationfurther enhancing your information presented using Excel data (formulas/charts). The Final Project Integration refers to the Excel Course Project presented to management in weeks six and seven.

  1. Present in your Word document paper and PowerPoint presentation with supportive data of charts displayed and presentation analysis of formulas from Excel Course Project “how management may need to reorganize or stay within the daily operations of the company”? Support analysis with (3) charts (Pie chart, Bar chart, Clustered Column Chart) and (3) formulas of your choice. Explain how particular formulas displayed in the charts are analyzed so management understands.
  2. Incorporate faith with management’s actions in daily operations. Share how “The Great Commission” can be displayed in the workplace. Challenge ethics and incorporate a write-up with 4 Bible verses to be included on Reference page.
  3. Review APA format required for Word document write-up and PowerPoint presentation.
  4. Include “updates” to Excel Course Project- A presentation can always be improved! Check again accuracy of 7 formulas and 6 charts (highlighted in yellow). Review your presentation analysis in Excel and make sure corresponds with formula used and chart displayed (highlighted in yellow)Include definition of both formulas and charts so management understands the analysis.


Word Document: Business Proposal for Management  (10 Pages, APA format)

Use: Times New Roman, Font size 12

1st page              Title Page

2nd page             Abstract (150-250 words) Summary of Final Project

3rd page             Table of Contents

4th Page             Introduction

5-6th page          Body of Paper (2-3) pages with defining & explaining (3) Formulas/Charts (Include copy of 3 charts)

7-8th page          Body of Paper (2-3) pages of “Faith in Business” addressing management’s actions and The Great Commission

9th page             Conclusion

10th page           Reference Page (Include 4 Bible Verses, information to support your chosen viewpoint from the Bible to management and data)

PowerPoint Presentation: Business Proposal for Management (10 slides, Reference page APA format)

Use: Times New Roman, Font size for Title Heading 28, Text 20-24

1st slide        Title

2nd slide       Introduction summary (4-5 Bullet points)

3 slide          Introduce (3) formulas and (3) charts for slides (4-6)

4-6  slide      Explain (3) Charts and (3) Formulas used. Include copy of (3) charts

7-slide          Explain how Management may incorporate faith in business further being an example of The Great Commission

8- Slide        Share importance of The Great Commission for management and define what it is and a command not an option for a believer?

9- Slide        Conclude Presentation

10-slide        Reference page (APA format)

Grading Rubric:

75 points      PowerPoint analysis with (3) Excel Charts/formulas and data required

75 points      Word document in APA format presenting data, (3) Excel charts/formulas

Submit (2) Files:

  1. PowerPoint presentation
  2. Word Document


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