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Write at least 1000 words reviewing a photography exhibition in a museum, gallery, or alternative space. 

   You should write the review as if it will be published in the New York Times or some other newspaper. Give the basic information of who, what, where, and when, and be sure to give this information in the body of the review, not just at the top of the page. Assume that your readers have not seen the show. Choose an angle and go with it.

   Use spell check, make sure all names and titles are spelled correct, with correct dates. Check grammar and write formally. Think professional instead of casual blog review.

   Don’t forget to describe the exhibition in general. What is the theme? Who is included and why? Does the overall theme or idea make sense? Do the artists in the group have anything in common? Differences? If the show includes work by only one artist, does it cover a span of time, or is it all recent work? Does it represent one theme or many different ideas and bodies of work?   

   Choose one image that you like and describe it in terms of technique, style, and concept. Describe why it appeals to you. Choose another image that you don’t like as much or don’t feel is as successful and explain why.   

   When looking at the work, think of what you have learned so far in this class and how the artist(s) uses the elements you have learned about: point of view, contrast, depth of field, quality of light, etc. Also consider presentation: size, framing, color, matting, hanging, etc. Does the curator’s choice of these elements make the work stronger and the idea clearer? Would you have arranged and hung the show in a different way? How and why? 

   Remember to summarize your feelings about the show in general. What are the strengths? Weaknesses? Is it worth your readers’ time to see it? Really tell me what you think and give your opinion. Tell me your thoughts and ideas that I couldn’t get just from looking at the exhibition. 

   Scan a handout or take a photograph of a flyer, informational brochure, or ticket from the show to upload along with your review.

Some good write ups to reference: 

   Stedelijk Taps Jeff Wall for First Post-Reno Photo Show

   Italy’s Independence in Postwar Photography

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