mark your answer) 1) In a good internal control system, which of the following documents are required for proper approval of a payment to a supplier?…

The company has no preferred stock outstanding. Calculate the Earnings per share.

The following information is needed to reconcile the cash balance for Fire Steel Inc.

A deposit of $5,800 is in transit.

Outstanding checks total $1,500.

The book balance is $6,800 at February 28, 2013.

The bookkeeper recorded a $1,740 check as $17,400 in payment of the current month’s rent.

The bank balance at February 28, 2013 was $18,000.

A deposit of $400 was credited by the bank for $4,000.

A customer’s check for $3,700 was returned for nonsufficient funds.

The bank service charge is $60.

What was the adjusted book balance?

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