science paper 45

Models for Program Planning

Please review the directions for the assignment below, and complete parts A and B.

A. Analyze the following commonly used models for program planning and evaluation:

  • MATCH Model
  • MAPP Model

Review each model in its entirety and consider the individual strategies, methods, and techniques that each model uses to influence behavior change. What are some of the key differences between the models? What are the similarities?

B. Building on the Logic Model that you created in Week 1, this assignment challenges you to expand on that work, and design a planning model for a health education program. Using the following phases of the PRECEDE-PROCEED model as a framework, design your model to address a current health issue in a school, community, or workplace setting. Use your creativity and personal knowledge to design the model, but be sure to include the components below:

  • Phase 1 – Social assessment
  • Phase 2 – Epidemiological assessment
  • Phase 3 – Educational & ecological assessment
  • Phase 4 – Administrative & policy assessment and intervention alignment
  • Phase 5 – Implementation
  • Phase 6 – Process evaluation
  • Phase 7 – Impact Evaluation
  • Phase 8 – Outcome evaluation

This assignment should be submitted in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, with a minimum of 8-10 slides, along with speaker notes.