week 1 introduction risk risk identification and evaluation

Barb’s Beach Barbeque is a restaurant and catering business. It was voted the #1 Barbeque Restaurant in the Pensacola Beach area by the Pensacola News Journal, and is known for serving mouth-watering ribs and barbequed pulled pork sandwiches. The restaurant is located directly off the beach, so it offers great views of the ocean. Because of its location and reputation, Barb’s Beach Barbeque is a busy establishment; on an average day the restaurant serves over 100 people. The restaurant also serves take-out food and delivers to businesses and homes within a 15-mile range. The catering service provides not only delicious barbeque, but also dining supplies and servers for special occasions. It takes over 30 employees to run the restaurant and catering business.

Use the information from the case above to respond to the following:

  • Describe two hazards Barb’s Beach Barbeque may face and categorize each hazard as a physical, moral, or morale hazard.
  • State a peril that could be associated with each of the hazards you described.
  • List two risks this company may face, and classify each risk as pure or speculative risks and as static or dynamic risks.
  • Describe how the risks, hazards, and perils you identified relate.