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1. What systems can airports use to increase revenue based on the systems covered in Chapter 4 and how?
2. NFPA regulations are applicable to which system
3. Airport 800 MhZ systems are in what category of Systems
4. Airports provide information about their history, services , and location through the use of
What is the significance of AVI systems on airport operations?
Graphic Information Systems are only used for construction projects at airports.

7. How do websites provide benefits for airports

8. Federal Aviation Regulation Part 139 specifies requirements for airport security systems.

true or false

9. Discuss the impact of airside systems on aviation operations.

10.  How are GIS systems providing value to airports?

11. TSA software applications control manage the integrated _____________ to ensure all check luggage undergo screening for explosive trace.

An airport cable management systems controls and manages the airport’s satellite television systems throughout the airport.


13. Fireman’s Phone Systems are electronic MIS systems because of their reporting feature.

14. Airfield Lighting Systems control aircraft lights during periods of low visibility.


15. AVI systems are information systems can be used in both airport airside and landside areas.

16. Multi Units Flight Information Display Systems are systems that

Systems that are communicate with FAA ground and tower controllers are

18. The airport system that combines most of the security and live safety systems under one roof is the  

19. A system that possess analog and digital processing capabilities is
20. Computerized Maintenance Management Systems are used to track computer equipment such as computer monitors, servers, keyboards, and printers.

21. Photo ID and Badge System integrate with Security Access Control systems to increase security at an airport.


23. TTY/TDD systems are included in which category of systems
24. Airports have begun to remove pay phone systems due to the increased use of cell phones.


25. Internet Access Systems is a value service features that adds to the services provided by an airport.

26. What regulates environmental management systems and provide a summary of the requirements.